Creating Relationships

  • Testimonial One

    When Joel first called on me, I had an existing long term relationship with a metal supplier. We tried Joel on a few custom and rush metal trim jobs. It didn't take long to realize, that the best decision we could make was to transfer all our business to Joel.

    Saving Grace's pricing was competitive; the quality of trim was better, the range of metal available was wider, custom trim or small quantities were easier to obtain and delivery time was 90% quicker than our existing supplier.

    However, the most important reason why Saving Grace has secured 100% of our business is due to the entire team's commitment to our needs. Saving grace has always responded "yes" when asked, and has always delivered on what they have committed to.

    – Pendergast
  • Testimonial Two

    Saving Grace Sheet Metal produces a quality product in a timely fashion. Joel/Saving Grace are always willing to work with the customer to meet their specific needs.

    – Vancor
  • Testimonial Three

    The quality and workmanship provided are second to none. We are looking forward to a mutually profitable relationship for many years to come.

    – Mike Latham President, Sound Barriers
  • More testimonials coming soon...

    More testimonials coming soon...